Olivera Matović

Online Classes: Six Advantages over Traditional Classrooms

In recent years, online classes have become a very popular way of educating employees. Great leaders know that we can only grow by learning more and more, so it is no surprise that many companies invest in training and courses for their employees – as they should! Giving your employees the opportunity to acquire new skills is the best way to ensure their happiness within the company, and the progress of the entire business.

The great thing is: online learning is really effective. Not only will they save you lots of time and trouble, but they will provide you with lots of other advantages you may not have thought of. That’s why I’m here to tell you all about them – read on to learn more…

1. The Cost of Online Classes is Lower

online classes help you save money

First things first – the cost of online classes is much lower than going to a brick-and-mortar school or organizing in-house training. Think of it this way: all you (or your employees need) is a computer and a headset. You’ll pay the tuition, but you won’t be paying for books (English for Success provides all the class materials for our students), housing, catering, or transportation. This is not something to be neglected, don’t you think?

2. The Flexibility

online classes offer a lot of flexibility

One of the major advantages of online learning is its flexible schedule. Especially if you are learning one-on-one, you can really fit the classes into your lifestyle and other responsibilities. Also, if you want to sign your employees up for a group English course, it can fit in at the beginning or end of their working day.

Basically, whether you prefer to join the virtual classroom from your office or your home, whether you are an evening or a morning person, there are various options and one of them is sure to fit you. Plus, join from a computer, tablet, or smartphone – anything works.

3. Online Classes Teach you Discipline

online classes teach you discipline

If you want to be in business and be successful, you’ll have to be disciplined. Also, if you want to grow and progress, you’ll have to be responsible. During your online classes, not only will you learn the subject of the lesson, but you’ll learn to find your motivation somewhere within – and that’s a trait that will look good in any resume.

4. They are much more Comfortable

online class in the park

The great thing about online classes, especially ones that don’t require you to turn on your camera, is that you can take them from literally anywhere. Feeling like you need some fresh air? Just go outside and sit in a park with your laptop and headset (but make sure to go to a quiet one – you don’t want to distract your classmates with noise). Already changed to your pajamas? No problem, just relax in your chair and enjoy the class – nobody can see you anyway.

Another great thing that shouldn’t be forgotten: no traffic on your way to your online class. That’s not only convenient but also saves you money!

5. Online Classes Offer more Interaction

online classes offer more interaction

On various occasions, students have reported having better concentration during an online lesson, because there are far fewer distractions. Not only that, but being in an online environment will make it much easier for you to open up and discuss topics with your teacher and/or classmates – especially if you are a particularly shy person.

If you take up individual classes, you can feel relaxed in a friendly and open environment, where you can make mistakes without worrying. On the other hand, if you are studying in a small group, the teacher has time to work with each student individually and they can advance their communication skills.

6. You’ll Improve Technical Skills

online classes will get you acquainted with computers

This is pretty much mandatory for every online learner – if you weren’t so “good at computers” before you started, you’ll definitely become more acquainted with them and the online world. Only by navigating the online classroom and doing your occasional homework, will you be forced to get to know something that is really necessary for an average business person – and it will be painless, you’ll see!

To Conclude…

Online classes have many advantages over traditional face-to-face classrooms. They are more cost-effective, convenient, and will teach you new skills. It is time to jump on the train for the future, and trust me, it’ll be better than you could have imagined! I’m waiting for you! Book a free consultation today and let’s see if you like it…