Time to say goodbye to the job you hate!

Did you know that studies have shown that people are leaving jobs because of their managers, rather than salary or other conditions, more often than ever?

Did you know that there are also people who have an amazing working environment, leaders instead of bosses, and colleagues who are not toxic at all?

Isn’t it high time to move from the first category to the second one?

New job by the New Year
+ and start 2024 in a completely different environment
I WANT THE CHANGE and a new job

Meetings that could have been emails, constant micromanagement, no support from superiors, and feeling of not even getting the most basic respect in the workplace – these are some of the most common reasons my clients decide to leave the toxic environment. Sounds familiar? 



you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired after each working day, you recognize your boss in those bad manager reels, and you’re done being a part of the toxic culture in your current company


you have an Intermediate level of English knowledge, a solid grasp of grammar and a relatively wide vocabulary, but when you’re supposed to speak – your heart starts pounding, your tongue gets twisted, and your brain collapses


you want to advance in your career and you’re looking for a well-paid job with more responsibility, with international ownership or market


you have decided this is it: you want to welcome 2024 mentally healthy, and this time, you want to go through with this decision.

Join the program “New job by the New Year and let’s make this goal a reality.

My Mission

I have heard a lot about bad workplaces from my students, and I’m very happy that I was able to help them leave those workplaces in several cases.

It is my mission to help as many people as possible leave this magic circle of bad management, toxic colleagues, unpaid overtime, and mere survival on salaries that are too low – because, trust me, anyone can do it with the right support and by following a clear plan.

Join me on this journey: first we will go back, inward, and then forward and as far away as possible from the company that makes your stomach twirl instead of giving you butterflies!


Before you apply, promise yourself (or promise me, if it's easier):


that you will dedicate a time in your calendar to participating in all eight sessions with me and the rest of the group, because a video is not a good enough resource for learning – it is necessary to participate in each one of them.


that you will put together a clear and specific goal with me and the rest of the group, and that you will decide what kind of a manager, what kind of a team, and what kind of a salary you want to have… and then you will invest your time and energy into finding that job ad.


that you will swallow your pride and start actively speaking English, with us in the group, as well as outside of class whenever you have a chance – because there’s no other way to dazzle your future managers in that final interview.

New job by the New Year

Leave that bad boss and toxic environment - forever!

You know that saying: “People don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses”?

Join all those who have realized that life is too short for boring meetings, micromanagement and taking your work home!

Apply before October 23rd: 245 €
after that, 350 €
I WANT A CHANGE and a new job

What you get:


8 online sessions in a group of 8 people, 60 minutes twice per week


Additional PDFs to for individual practicing, which you can send me for review


E-book Hunting for Success: The Ultimate Guide for Nailing Your Next Job Interview


A review of your CV and LinkedIn profile, as well as specific advice on how to improve them


A cover letter template that you can adapt to your needs


ONE INDIVIDUAL SESSION WITH ME by the end of December – mock interview and Q&A time!

Fill out the form and I'll get in touch

I will get back to you within 24 hours of sending your application.

LP New job by the New Year