The Only Job Interview Preparation Course You'll Ever Need

Do you want to be ready for your next job interview?

Are you worried about saying something wrong, or even worse, not knowing how to answer a question?

Don’t worry – this course was built for you – it will help you prepare for all possible scenarios that may happen at a job interview!

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Taking language courses in our busy days with kids, jobs and families is just another hour you could have spent on something else, instead of traveling to and from classes. With that in mind, as a mother and an entrepreneur, I have decided to help you prepare for your next job interview in English from the comfort of your home and at the time that works best for you.

Who should take this course?


Do you want to work in a foreign company?


Do you feel insecure at a meeting or a job interview in English?


You’re not sure what’s allowed, and what’s forbidden?


Do you prefer learning at your own pace, at a time that works best for you?


You want to finally land that dream job and you’re ready to fully commit to it?

If your answer to any of these questions was YES, you are my ideal student. Study at the time that works best for you, and at the speed that is comfortable, and after you’re done, you can get one free consultation with me, to go over everything together!

My Mission

I have made it my mission to help hard-working people shine in their business environment and gain the confidence to express their ideas in the global language of business communication.

With this course, I want to help you feel more confident, readier and more competent at your next job interview.

I understand that you are sick of reading from outdated books and printed materials, as well as learning rules poems by heart. What you need is concrete materials that you can use to get specific tips, exercises and advice – and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this course.

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Who shouldn't take this course?


Absolute beginners. You should be at least at an Intermediate (B1 or B2) level in order to understand and use this course – it is made completely in English.


Those who don’t have time. You’ll need to invest time if you want to learn something – and this course will even allow you to save up on yours.


Those people who’ll say “Oh, well, I already speak English well!”. Business communication in every language is very specific. If you don’t understand that, you shouldn’t sign up for this course.

English for Job Interview

The only prep course you'll ever need

Are you ready to make English your ally on the way to success?

Use this period to get this course at a lower price!

Take your (business) life into your own hands and prepare for your next job interview in English.

Get it now: 50€
+ E-BOOK: Hunting for Success
Buy now and start right away

What you get:


18 lessons in English that will guide you through the entire job interview process


Additional PDF materials for practicing, that you can send to me for review


E-book Hunting for Success: The Ultimate Guide for Nailing Your Next Job Interview


CV and cover letter templates that you can edit according to your needs and desires


My support in the first three months after purchasing the course


ONE FREE CONSULTATION with me – Mock interview and Q&A time!

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