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Courses based on conversation will help you beat insecurity!

All of the courses at English for Success are focused, first and foremost, on conversation and gaining independence in talking in this language. One of the main goals is to remove insecurity and prevent translating from another language to English – the most common problem my students have. In our classes, we will also commonly use “role-plays” – short conversations where a student takes a role and “acts out” a business situation.


All the communication in our classes is going to be only in English, including instructions and explanations of unfamiliar words. My experience at various international online schools of English has taught me that this is the best and most painless way to learn proper pronunciation, gain confidence in speech, and adopt the language itself.

Our focus is on discussion and conversation, practicing correct pronunciation and usage of phrases and idioms, as well as learning grammar rules. It is my attitude that clear communication and understanding is much more important than perfect pronunciation (which is something that takes a long time to build). I also believe that students feel more confident and communicate more easily when they have a sound knowledge of grammar.

All the classes, regardless of the course you choose, last for 60 minutes.

How we can work together:

  • Business English course for your specific needs
  • Conversational course

Business English course

The general course of Business English includes all the topics necessary for the average business person in most jobs. It will help you feel more confident in everyday situations where you have to speak in English, such as meetings, negotiations, telephoning, etc.

This course is divided into 14 modules, or topics, and we will work on each topic for eight classes. We can cover the modules in the order I made, or you can choose the ones you need or the ones you find the most interesting.

You can also choose to focus more on one topic. In that case, I would prepare additional materials and help you master it, before we move on to the next one.

This course includes lessons related to written correspondence with your business partners and clients, in addition to conversational lessons. That is why we pay a lot of attention to correcting spelling mistakes and learning the right way to write different business letters.


Conversational course

I came up with this conversational course thanks to some of my students who didn’t need strictly Business English, but who did want to improve their communication skills in this language and get more confident in everyday conversations on various topics.

Each lesson in this course includes three parts:

  1. learning new words and phrases important for this lesson
  2. reading a text (usually a short newspaper article) about a topic we agreed upon in advance
  3. a conversation about this topic, as well as thinking questions and a discussion

This course is focused on understanding the text, learning to think in English and stop translating from your native language, as well as broadening your vocabulary with words and phrases useful in everyday conversations.

300€ / month (8 classes)


  • Business English or Conversational course (or a mix)
  • 1-on-1 classes
  • Flexible schedule
  • Free cancellation up to two hours in advance
  • Unlimited e-mail correspondence with your teacher

*BONUS: pay for 8 classes and get two additional classes in the group program Business Chit-Chat


Practice conversation in a stress-free environment!

Let me guess:

  • You read, listen to music, and watch movies in English
  • You understand everything you hear
  • You have good grammar skills (that may need some work)
  • Yet, when it comes to speaking, you freeze, lack words, say the wrong ones, or simply never participate.

Worry not, my friend, my new program was built just for you!

I created this group course with people exactly like you on my mind.

Read more about it here and sign up to join a group in Business Chit-Chat!

Self-paced materials you can use at your own convenience

Other than my live courses, I also have some self-paced products and programs. This means that you can use them indefinitely, read/watch/listen as many times as you want, and learn at your own pace. In addition, I am always available for questions via email, and some of the products also include my live support.

Hunting for Success: The Ultimate Guide to Nailing Your Next Job Interview

This ebook is meant for anyone preparing for a job interview in English. Click on the button to see more info about it.

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