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Each course, training and workshop we do with our clients is completely tailor-made and adapted to the needs, values and wishes of the company.

That means this is not just another English course that your employees spend yawning and looking out the window, and then try to find excuses to miss the next class. Actually, it is exactly because of the increasing number of individual students in my class who complained about this, that I decided to create something completely different. I decided to give to each company exactly what they and each of their employees need.

And what they actually need is to make the same impact when speaking English as they would speaking their native language.

All of our services are realized in English and their main goal is for each employee to get exactly what they lack in their communication in this language. For some of them it is vocabulary, for others it’s grammar, some need writing exercises, but a vast majority of them need, first and foremost, confidence in conversation.


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