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Practice conversation in a stress-free environment!

Let me guess:

  • You read, listen to music, and watch movies in English
  • You understand everything you hear
  • You have good grammar skills (that may need some work)
  • Yet, when it comes to speaking, you freeze, lack words, say the wrong ones, or simply never participate.

Worry not, my friend, my new program was built just for you!

150€ per month
+ feedback after each class
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I know, I know – taking language courses in our busy days with kids, jobs, and families is just another hour you could have spent on something else, instead of traveling to and from classes.

Also, you have tried this already, and you are (sick and) tired of endless repetitions of the verb TO BE, as well as learning poems by heart and dictations.

I get it.

I have heard this so many times from around 100 students who have been in my classroom over the last three years. It is my wish to give you a stress-free, friendly and open environment to PRACTICE what you already know and LEARN what you don’t.

Is this program the right fit for you?


Do you lack confidence when speaking English?


Do you like working in a group?


Can you devote 8 hours per month to your improvement?


Do you need English at work, as well as in your personal life?


Do you want to try out this program at half the price?

If your answer to most of these questions was YES, this program was made for you. It will allow you to practice with your peers and see that it’s not the scariest thing in the world to speak English publicly.

You’ll gain confidence and get comfortable expressing your opinions and ideas. Additionally, you’ll learn from your mistakes, as well as ones made by your classmates – yet nobody will ever condemn you for those mistakes.

In my classroom, we love mistakes and we embrace them because they are the best way to learn and improve.

My Mission

I have made it my mission to help hard-working people shine in their environment and gain the confidence to express their ideas in the global language of international communication.

With this program, I want to help you feel more confident, readier, and more competent next time there’s a chance to speak it.

I understand that you are sick of reading from outdated books and printed materials, as well as learning rules and poems by heart. What you need is practice – and that’s exactly what you’ll get in this course.

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for the September groups

Who shouldn't take sign up?


Absolute beginners.

You should be at least at an Intermediate (B1 or B2) level in order to participate in this program – all of our classes will be held in English.


Those who don’t have time.

I’ve learned from my mentors that those who want something find the time, while those who don’t find excuses. It’s ok if it is not your priority now – you can start when it is!


Those looking for one-on-one classes.

In Business Chit-Chat, we will work in micro-groups of up to four groups. That allows us a semi-individual approach, but don’t expect all of my attention and time.

Business Chit-Chat

Practice conversation in a stress-free environment!

It is time, my friend!

If you want to finally feel ready and free to speak English, whether it is for business or pleasure, whatever the topic – this is the place for you.

This program will be completely different from all the courses you have taken so far – at least this is what my students say.

PLUS you can try it for half a month in August at half the price and see if it fits you!

+ feedback after each class
Sign up NOW for the September groups

What you get:




choose between 16 TIME SLOTS (1 afternoon and 1 morning slot on Mondays and Thursdays)


FEEDBACK delivered to your email after each class


A WIDE VARIETY OF TOPICS: psychology, science, technology, health, economy, business, language, education, etc. Pick your favorites each month!


PDF LESSON in your email before each class, so you can prepare if you have time (no pressure – we read it in class anyway!)


EARLY BOOKING: the full schedule is delivered to your email one week before the beginning of the month – choose your slots and topics right away


EASY RESCHEDULING: if something comes up, just let me know 2 hours in advance and choose a different time that you can fit into your schedule


MY EMAIL SUPPORT whenever you need it, just a click away

Don't take my word for it - here's what my students say:

Jovanka Bobić Product Owner, codecentric

English classes with Oli are very interesting and the progress was visible very quickly. I really like the whole concept, where classes are organized to work perfectly online, and you can even choose topics you are interested in. So different from other English classes I attended, refreshing and original.

Jovana Minić Career Mindset Coach

Olivera is an outstanding teacher. She has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages and business domains. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching various concepts related to business are truly superior. Olivera accomplishes all these tasks with great initiative and a positive attitude. I recommend her without reservation.

Dragana Žarkovački Virtual Assistant

Oli is a wonderful teacher, I adore her energy, she is always smiling and positive. What I like most is that there are no wrong answers in her classes, and if I make a mistake, she leads me to the right answer. I gained new knowledge that I will need in business. My self-confidence has grown a lot, I no longer have any anxiety when I have to speak English. The classes are very interesting, and I really like the fact that we can ask everything in class.

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