About Teacher Oli

My Story

Olivera Matović is a TOEFL, TEFL and TESOL-certified, experienced, fun, enthusiastic teacher, who has spent the last four years working as an online teacher, before she decided to start a school of her own and grant this online experience to the people in her own way

Let’s start from the beginning

Honestly, I don’t really like writing about myself in the third person, so let me simply introduce myself to you. My love and passion for English started really early – I was raised bilingual and this language has always been a part of my life. Ever since I could speak, I spoke in both Serbian and English.

I continued to develop and learn in a specialized high school that focuses primarily on languages – Karlovci Grammar School. English was my primary language, and I learned French, Spanish, and German along with it. Thanks to many dedicated teachers, I improved and broadened my vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and all other aspects of my language right there in that institution, which I still feel like a second home. This is also the first time when I started teaching and tutoring offline.

During my high school years, I started attending various environmental international workcamps, where I met some amazing people from all around the world. I continued practicing and working on my English, while also devoting a part of my life to a cause that really mattered to me.


Self-education was just what I needed

However, after graduating from Karlovci Grammar School, I decided not to proceed with my English education in an “official” way – I enrolled in the Department of Journalism at the University of Novi Sad.

This didn’t mean I gave up on English – just the opposite – I continued to work on it in many different ways. After graduating from the Department of Journalism, I started to look into online teaching, and I started earning my certificates. I began with TOEFL, then took up a Teaching Online course, and finally online TEFL and TESOL courses. Feel free to take a look at them here.

Online teaching proved to be my dream job

When it comes to my teaching experience, as mentioned above, I started back in high school, but online teaching is where I really found my true calling. I have worked with schools from the Philippines, Mexico, Vietnam, and China, with all ages and levels, both one-on-one and in groups.

For further details, check out my CV here.


What can I do for you?


I will help you become more confident when speaking English

The most common problem my students tell me is: “I understand everything, but I don’t feel confident enough to speak.” Are you one of those people? Don’t worry – you are not alone, and I am experienced in fixing this problem. The first thing my students experience after a few weeks of studying with me is more confidence and feeling ready to speak in English.


I will support you regardless of what you do for a living

Whether you are an IT specialist, virtual assistant, whether you work in a call center or as a pharmacist, I’m here for you. My experience has shown that working on general business communication, while focusing on what matters to you specifically, we can achieve amazing results. Of course, this requires a lot of hard work, but if you commit as much as I always do, the results will be awesome!


I'll adapt to your schedule because I know how valuable your time is

I understand how hard it is to organize your time between work, family, socializing, and adding a language school on top of that. That is why I always try to adapt to your schedule and give you as much freedom as possible when it comes to this. Whether you want to schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, rest assured that we will find a time that fits us both.

I’m very enthusiastic about teaching, especially when it comes to Business English, which allows me to talk to so many great people and help them on their way to success. Are you ready to become one of them?

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