Olivera Matović

5 Reasons to Take up Business English Lessons

English is one of the most-spoken languages in the world, coming third after Chinese (no surprise there) and Spanish, according to Wikipedia. With around 380 million native speakers, it is widely spread around many corners of our world. Other than them, another half billion people speak English as a second language, and this makes it the lingua franca of travel, business, and international relations. It only makes sense that learning it will help you advance in your line of work, but if you’re still not convinced, check out the list of five reasons you should take up Business Lessons today!

1. You’ll Make a Better First Impression

Let’s face it: your first impression of someone talking in perfect English would be a lot different than one doing it with an obvious Indian (or Serbian) accent – regardless of what they have to say. It’s not something we can control, really; it is just basic human nature. But, what we can do is: take advantage of it.

By taking up Business English lessons, not only will you be listening to a native speaker and picking up on their pronunciation (whether you realize it or not), but you’ll also get acquainted with various business phrases and idioms. You’ll be able to express yourself clearly, and you’ll be able to participate in any business conversation, anywhere.

You can be the one making a great first impression wherever you speak, and you know what they say… You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

2. You’ll Have the Confidence to Speak Publicly

public speaking fear business english

The fear of public speaking is a real thing, we know… especially if it is in a foreign language. However, there are numerous ways you can get over it, and one of them that shouldn’t be neglected is – gain confidence in speaking the language.

Once you are sure you will know how to say what you want to say and how to answer any question anyone could ask, you’ll feel much more relaxed and confident. Also, preparation is the key to success, and through Business English classes, you will get ready to speak about any topic that could relate to your business.

You may still feel a bit nervous – it’s kind of normal – but you’ll get through it!

3. You’ll Be Able to Communicate with Your Colleagues

business english makes teamwork easier

Especially if you are working in an international company, it is a huge benefit if you can actually understand(and respond to) what your colleagues are saying. When it comes to teamwork and collaboration, you’ll need to find a “common tongue”, and it is almost certain that it will be English.

If you want to avoid misunderstandings and promote friendly relationships with your coworkers, learn Business English. You’ll work on your language, but also your interpersonal skills, and that can never be a bad thing. Not only will you improve the overall office spirit if you can talk to each other, but you will be regarded with higher respect and ultimately more eligible for a promotion.

Communication really is a key to success, especially if you know the right way to express your thoughts.

4. Speaking Business English Will Allow You to Travel

business english allows you to travel

… and who doesn’t love a good business trip? Speaking Business English, and speaking it well, will help you go far… sometimes, literally. Having a great speaker who can represent a company in the best light is always an asset, and business leaders know that.

Make yourself desirable for all kinds of trips and get-togethers with foreign business partners by showing your boss that you can do what most of your coworkers can’t: speak business in English. Also, you never know what kinds of opportunities might await next time you go somewhere on behalf of your company.

If you like traveling and advancing in your line of work… learn Business English!

5. It Will Show that You Are Willing to Go Beyond Basic Standards of Business


Once upon a time, speaking English was a great plus for every business person. Nowadays, it is considered a standard, and it is expected that you can speak it (even if it is not mentioned). Bottom line: you will hardly get a decent job without speaking it.

Speaking Business English, however, is a different story. This shows you are ready to go the extra mile for your job. It shows that you are ready for progress and that you will be prepared for every situation. It shows you care, and your boss will love that.

So, by learning and mastering the language of international business, which certainly is English, you are proving to yourself and your company that you will go beyond the standards and are ready to be the best.

To Sum Up…

Put all of the above together and you’ll see that, in order to grow and progress in your job, you’ll need to learn Business English. It is just the move you need to make that is going to set you up for success, and you should do it as soon as possible. Start today, and see your business world expand beyond the limits you didn’t even know existed!